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Tips to Prepare Your AC System for Hurricane Season

Safeguarding Air Conditioning Systems

As anyone residing in the Sunshine State knows, hurricane season in Florida is a force to be reckoned with. These powerful storms can wreak havoc on homes and communities from June through November. One of the key components of a house that requires attention during this period is the air conditioning system. Here are some crucial steps homeowners can take to safeguard their AC systems during hurricane season.

Turn Off the Air Conditioner

It's essential to turn off power to the AC system during a hurricane for several reasons. Primarily, it protects the system from potential electrical surges that can occur during severe weather, which can cause significant damage to the AC components. Additionally, it reduces the risk of short circuits, which can lead to electrical fires.

Lastly, turning off power can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the system as it tries to operate under extreme conditions. Safety should be the priority during such adverse weather conditions. When planning to evacuate, switch off the air conditioning system to avoid damage when electricity is restored.

Elevate the Outdoor Unit

elevate outdoor AC unitAir conditioning systems are crucial for maintaining comfort and air quality in a home. To keep them functional after the storm, consider elevating outdoor units to protect them from flooding. Elevating the outdoor units of AC systems is crucial in the preparation for hurricane events. These units, usually placed at ground level, are particularly vulnerable to flood damage caused by hurricanes.

Floodwaters can cause severe damage to these systems' electrical and mechanical components, leading to costly repairs or complete replacements. By elevating these units, homeowners can avoid or mitigate the potential damage. This not only helps the longevity of the units but also provides peace of mind, knowing that a critical element of the home infrastructure is safeguarded against the devastating impact of hurricanes.

Cover and Secure Outdoor Units

cover and secure outdoor unitOutdoor air conditioner units are exposed and vulnerable to hurricanes. Anchor them securely with hurricane straps or a protective cage, and ensure they are elevated above potential flood levels. Cover the outdoor unit with a tarp or specially designed cover to protect it from flying debris.

Remember to remove the cover once the storm has passed to ensure proper ventilation. Also, ensure the units are securely fastened to a concrete slab to prevent them from getting swept away by strong winds. Remember, hurricane preparedness is critical for protecting a home from the storm. So take the time to secure outdoor AC units before hurricane season arrives — it can make a world of difference for a family's safety, comfort, and well-being.

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