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Are you tired of dealing with frequent leaks and cracks in your home’s pipes? It may be time for a piping upgrade!

When it comes to the structure of our homes, our pipes may as well be the veins that keep everything up and running. That is why it can be such a hassle when our pipes begin to experience malfunctions such as cracks or leaks. While some leaks can be remedied with a short-term repair, the most effective way to ensure that you don’t experience frequent problems with your West Palm Beach, FL home’s piping is with professional repiping services. Call Cleary Plumbing & Air today and find out how our services can benefit you!

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Common Signs You Need Whole-Home Repiping

When it comes to your home’s pipes, it’s rarely a great idea to play the guessing game since your piping is pretty much the lifeblood of your home’s whole plumbing operation. The best way to ensure your pipes are always in great condition is to know what to look for when it comes to serious piping issues. Some of the most common signs you need whole-home repiping service include:

  • Your water smells strange: One of the most inconvenient signs you need new piping is if you notice a foul odor emitting from your water. If your water tastes or smells strange, this could indicate that your pipes are deteriorating and the substances are infiltrating your water supply.
  • Your water fixtures are rusting: Another common indication that your home needs new piping is the visible onset of rust. Rust is a sure sign that your pipes have begun to corrode or deteriorate and is not an issue that can be remedied with a quick fix.
  • You are experiencing leaks: There are various culprits that can cause your pipes to leak. If the leaks are localized to one specific area, you most likely just need a burst pipe repair service but if you are experiencing multiple leaks in various areas, it’s time to consider whole-home repiping.
  • Your water is discolored: If the water coming from your pipes isn’t clear, there is definitely something wrong. Water with a reddish or yellowish tint is a telltale sign of rust and corrosion and lets you know it’s time for new pipes.
  • Your water pressure has changed: Another common sign of the need for new piping is if your water pressure has recently decreased. If your showers don’t pack the same punch as they normally do, your old piping may be to blame.

Choosing the Right Repiping Material

Every material has its own list of pros and cons. Since there are various types of materials for piping available on the market today, it’s wise to learn what each material is best for so you know which piping would best suit your home’s needs.

  • PVC: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) isn’t the most common material used for piping without merit. PVC is affordable, lightweight, and easy to install. When you get PVC piping installed in your home, you can feel relieved to know that there is no risk of rusting thanks to its plastic materials. Insulation is another perk you can expect to enjoy with this material as PVC can regulate heat a lot better than metal piping materials can. However, PVC isn’t completely flawless as in some cases, it isn’t recommended to be used when drinking water is involved due to its UV ray exposure.
  • CPVC: CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) gets its name thanks to its extra chlorination process. Thanks to this process, CPVC piping can handle extremely high temperatures, unlike PVC piping. It can also be used for drinking water since there is relatively no exposure to UV rays. However, CPVC is more expensive than its counterpart. While this may deter homeowners from choosing this material, CPVC is a great option for those looking for piping that can withstand high temperatures. It’s also important to note that CPVC can freeze and crack in extremely cold temperatures so it’s only recommended for indoor usage.
  • PEX: PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is a relatively new plastic piping option in the construction world. PEX is extremely durable since it can handle both freezing and high temperatures. As far as pricing, PEX is a lot cheaper than copper materials. PEX is also resistant to chemicals and corrosion, however, PEX is not recyclable making it a not so eco-friendly option. Like CPVC, it is recommended to only use PEX piping indoors since UV rays can cause the material to break down quickly.

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Other piping materials that are common are brass, copper, and galvanized piping. Contact us today and let us help you decide which piping material would best suit your home’s needs.

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