Evaporator Coil Service in West Palm Beach

Is your home struggling to keep cool? Dirty coils could be to blame! Contact Cleary Plumbing & Air to learn more about our coil cleaning service.

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When it comes to beating the West Palm Beach, FL heat, often your cooling budget takes a beating as well. When your air conditioning system isn’t running at peak efficiency, not only are you left without the comfort of air conditioning, you can also run up expensive utility bills as you try to force your air conditioner to keep up. In many cases, the evaporator coil could be to blame. The section of your air conditioner that creates that cool air, dirty coils can lead to high energy costs and overall uncomfortable home. At Cleary Plumbing & Air, we offer reliable coil cleaning and repair service, helping restore the functionality of your air conditioner as quickly as possible.

The best way to keep your coil clean and free of dust is with routine air filter replacement. Be sure to ask our technicians how we can help make it easier than ever.

Are Your Evaporator Coils Dirty?

The evaporator coil is the workhorse of your air conditioner. It’s what actually produces the cool air that is circulated around your home. Since it is the most vital component of your air conditioner, it’s very important that it stays clean and damage-free.

Signs you need your coils cleaned can include:

  • Increased Utility Bills: Any time your air conditioner has to struggle to cool your home, it’s consuming more energy. If your coils are damaged or dirty, you can see as much as 30% increases in your cooling bill due to lost efficiency.
  • Pooling Water: If your coils are dirty or leaking refrigerant, it’s common for them to freeze. As your system works and the coils thaw, you may find water pooling under the blower unit in your home.
  • Unpleasant Odor: Dirty coils can house mold and bacteria that gets distributed around your home through the ducts, potentially causing respiratory issues.
  • Lack of Airflow and Cool Air: Dirty coils can freeze over and block the airflow in your system leading to decreased airflow and a unit that blows warm air.

West Palm Beach, Fl Residential Plumbing Services

Your air conditioner plays an important role in keeping you comfortable. Because of this, even a minor change can wreak havoc on your home. Any time you notice that your air conditioner is either struggling to cool your home or is blowing warm air, you need immediate attention. It’s recommended that evaporator coils be cleaned yearly to prevent any of these issues.

How Coil Cleaning Works?

If your evaporator coils are damaged or dirty, they need to be cleaned before your air conditioner can start cooling again. Cleaning evaporator coils involves dismantling parts of your system and applying caustic detergents. Handling the cleaning chemicals is potentially dangerous and rinsing the cleaners off the coils could cause some flooding. Additionally, without the right experience, you can also damage the coils further which would require a full replacement.

At Cleary Plumbing & Air, we have over 30 years of experience. While our technicians are on-site, we will also check the condition of the coil. Coils can sustain damage that may seem the same as dirty coils but is really due to the need for evaporator coil replacement. Our technicians will always explain the process and the condition of your coils to help you find the ideal solution for your home.

Once the coil cleaning is done, if a refrigerant recharge is needed, we can also help with that. We use state-of-the-art tools to get your system back to perfect working order.

Preventing Future Problems

Preventing problems with routine maintenance is the best way to keep your system running its best for the longest time. Because your evaporator coils are often exposed to the dirt and dust that’s inside, keeping your filters changed will go a long way towards keeping your coils clean and your indoor air healthy. Additionally, paying attention to warning signs like fluctuating temperatures and higher energy costs can help you avoid a major repair concern.

West Palm Beach, Fl Residential Plumbing Services

At Cleary Plumbing & Air, our goal is to keep your home working at its best. We always perform detailed inspections and ensure your system is in top working order before leaving your home.

Cleary Plumbing & Air has been the West Palm Beach, FL choice since 1991. Call us at 561-790-1956 to schedule evaporator coil cleaning service, and enjoy cooler, more efficient performance today!