Community Involvement

Charity & Sponsorship Opportunities

Thanks so much for visiting this page! We feel this is the most important page on our site. One of our biggest goals is to actively participate in our community. We believe the greatest way to build long term customers is through community involvement. Throughout each year we are fortunate enough to devote time and money to local events, charities, and sponsorship opportunities. We are always looking for ways to give back, so please feel free to send us an email with ideas and opportunities you think we may be interested in.

Please click below to see some of things we have been up to!

  • Year Round Food Drive

    We are proud to say, we will be participating in the palm beach county food bank. For every item donated by a customer, they will receive one dollar off your final invoice (up to 10 dollars). This is a cause and we feel great about being able to contribute. Please click on the link to learn more about the drive and how you can get involved.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    Do you have a sports team or an event that you needed sponsored? Send us an email and tell us why we should sponsor you. We will be sponsoring several opportunities this year.
  • Plumbing Give Away

    Last year we teamed up with home depot and the palm beach county sheriff’s office to provide everyday amenities to a local family. The family was without a shower, hot water, and no AC at all. Cleary Plumbing was able to install a new water heater and shower valve for the family in need. There was no charge to the family for any of the work done. It was a great day and it got us thinking. We decided we wanted to do this every year. We will be working with our local plumbing suppliers to do at least one of these projects each year. This is where you come in!

    *Do you know someone in need of a new water heater, shower, toilet, or whatever it may be. Tell us their story! We will read all the stories and then pick the project that fits best. We may pick more than one, so send in your stories.