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Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Home's Plumbing System

Many homeowners do not think about their plumbing system until a problem develops. By this point, repairs are often needed, and depending on the issue, they can be costly. To reduce the cost of repairs and extend the life span of your plumbing system, take some simple steps.

Continue reading to learn more about preventative maintenance for your plumbing system.

Don't Introduce Grease and Fats Into Your Plumbing System

Many people pour grease or cooking fats down their kitchen sink after preparing a meal. While grease, oil, and other types of fats may be liquid when warm, they eventually congeal and harden when cool. Disposing of grease, fats, and oils in your kitchen sink can lead to major blockages in your drains over time.

Get Your Water Heater Flushed

A water heater can be very expensive to repair or replace, but having a plumber regularly flush it can prevent major issues. Sediment builds up inside of a water heater tank and scale can form inside the tank, as well as in the pipes connected to the water heater. When this happens, the water heater can't operate properly.

When you hire a plumber to flush your water heater, they will empty and clean the tank, which will remove any sediment that has built up. During a water heater flushing, your plumber can also check different components of the water heater to ensure that nothing needs to be fixed.

Schedule a Camera Sewer Line Inspection

Plumbing repairs can vary in price, but repairing a damaged sewer line is often one of the more expensive repairs a homeowner can face, especially if the sewer line needs to be replaced. Sewer lines are often overlooked, but failing to pay attention to your home's sewer line can be a costly mistake. One of the best things any homeowner can do is schedule an annual camera sewer line inspection.

A camera sewer line inspection gives a plumber the ability to get a clear look into your sewer line. This type of inspection can identify common problems, such as cracks in the pipe or tree roots in the sewer line, before they cause major issues. Best case scenario, a camera sewer line inspection won't find any problems. But if your sewer line does have issues, you will be happy that the inspection found them early.

Pay Attention to the Water Bill

While many plumbing issues will make themselves apparent, hidden leaks can take a long time to notice. A lot of a home's plumbing system is hidden away under the foundation or behind the walls, so it is possible for a leak to develop without anyone noticing. One easy thing a homeowner can do is closely monitor his or her water bill.

An undetected leak can cause your water bill to be higher than normal since a lot of water can flow out of a cracked pipe. Many people enroll in auto-pay for their water bills, but you should always look at the bill each month and pay attention to the water consumption. A higher bill and using a lot more water than normal is a red flag that you may have a problem with your plumbing system.

Make an Appointment for a Plumbing System Checkup

Even if you have not noticed anything strange with your plumbing system, you should still hire a plumber to do a checkup of your entire plumbing system. An experienced plumber will know what to look for and will be able to quickly identify issues. A plumbing system checkup can give you peace of mind of knowing that your plumbing system is in good condition.

If you need any preventative maintenance for your home's plumbing system, contact Cleary Plumbing & Air today!