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Update Your Bathroom This Year!

Professional Bathroom Remodeling Can Help You Start the Year Off Right

The toilet is chipped, and the tank constantly runs. The sink has seen better days, and that grime around the drain isn’t going anywhere, no matter how much elbow grease gets used. The bathtub is too small to take a bath in, and the showerhead has long since stopped providing a pleasant showering experience. Many homeowners find themselves with a bathroom similar to the one described above. But there doesn’t seem to be a good time to start the remodeling project. 

What better time than the new year? Homeowners make resolutions for their families and themselves, so adding on that bathroom remodel they’ve been putting off is an easy step to take. And it doesn’t disappoint. 

New Sinkssink

There are plenty of choices for new sinks. More than most people realize. Of course, there’s always the classic sink that’s flush with the countertop, but many homeowners go with a different look. They can choose from basins made to look like hollowed-out stones or tree stumps. Instead of a traditional faucet, there are stylish waterfall faucets that provide a gentle flow of water. 

They can go with an elongated sink or a sleek matching glass waterfall faucet and sink basin for a more artistic and modern look. These sinks can be mixed-and-matched with countertop and mirror designs for the perfect feel. 

High-Efficiency Toilets

People who think that a toilet is a just toilet may be surprised to find out what’s available on the market. New high-efficiency toilets are the next big thing. They save water while being virtually clog-free. These new toilets use water pressure to force the waste down the drain where older toilets use water volume. This means that new toilets use less than half the water of old toilets per flush. 

To prevent clogs, new toilets are made with wider valves to accommodate waste and toilet paper. Those who are afraid that these new toilets are loud can rest easy. They make powerful, no-clog toilets that are whisper-quiet when they flush, without sacrificing any of the power. 

Showers and Tub Features

Showers and tubs also have plenty of options for new and intriguing upgrades. While new showerheads essentially do the same thing by delivering water, they do it in very different ways. Popular today is the rainfall showerhead, which is usually positioned directly above the shower stall and uses gravity instead of water pressure for a pleasant shower. There are also dual-head showers for homeowners that want the option of showering under two different streams of water coming from different directions. 


Tubs also have plenty of options. Homeowners can choose from freestanding tubs, such as traditional claw feet, or ones with a more modern look. Drop-in tubs are also available, set inside an enclosure designed to match the rest of the bathroom. 

Then there are tub features like jets, LED lights, bubbles, and even music speakers. And of course, there are plenty of options for those with disabilities to choose from. There’s something for everyone when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Homeowners need only to use a professional plumbing company with the skills to tackle the installation so that everything gets done right the first time!

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