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Spring Is the Best Time To Clean Your AC

How Your AC Will Benefit from Spring Cleaning

An air conditioning system is one of the home's more complex - and expensive - parts. It consists of more than one part and connects to a network of vents and ducts that all play a crucial role in its performance. Homeowners should conduct regular HVAC maintenance and have air conditioning service professionals check to ensure all system parts work properly. Doing so will benefit the homeowner, from improved performance to greater energy efficiency that will lower electric bills. A well-maintained AC system also lasts longer and gives homeowners peace of mind so that they don't always have to deal with emergency breakdowns that come with surprisingly exorbitant costs.

Improved AC Performance

ac filterTo make sure that the AC is working properly, professionals who conduct air conditioner servicing usually inspect the following parts and clean, repair, or replace them as necessary:

  • The air filter traps airborne particles from the air that passes through it. Removing these particles keeps the air clean and allows air to flow smoothly through the AC and into the home. Filters should be replaced monthly.
  • Evaporator and condenser coils -  these coils are heat exchangers and are often subject to dust and dirt that may affect their performance. Cleaning them will help improve AC performance.
  • Drain line and drain pan - the drain line brings out the moisture that collects on the drain pan. Cleaning the drain line means removing dirt, debris, algae, or mold that could clog the pipes.
  • Blower and condenser fans - both the blower and condenser fans spin to move air, either to cool it or release heat. Because these fans constantly spin, maintaining them means keeping them well-lubricated so they can move freely.
  • Electrical wiring and controls - a routine AC tune-up ensures that all electrical wiring is in great shape. Loose connections have to be repaired as these can cause fires or equipment failure.
  • Thermostat - air conditioning maintenance ensures the thermostat works properly since it controls the AC unit. 

Air Duct Cleaning is Important Too

Air ducts may not be part of the actual AC unit, but since they are the vehicle by which cool air is distributed throughout the home, making sure that they are also part of air conditioner cleaning will make a difference not just in the AC performance but in indoor air quality as well. Keeping air ducts clean means wiping off dust and grime that may have accumulated in the air registers, vents, and other openings that allow air in and blow it out. The ductwork itself requires an entirely different duct cleaning method.

Because most homeowners cannot easily reach air ducts, hiring air duct cleaning services is recommended to get into the places that are difficult. Most professionals have equipment that will allow them to remove dust, usually by hooking up a vacuum that uses negative pressure to move dust out of the ducts.

A Clean Home is Good for the AC

vacuumWhile regular air conditioner tune-up is good for the AC, homeowners shouldn't overlook one of the most important, but also one of the easiest things they could do to keep their ACs running in tip-top shape - and that is to keep their homes clean. Regularly removing dust through sweeping, wiping, mopping, and vacuuming positively affects an AC. Clean indoor air reduces the air filter's burden, allowing air to move smoothly through the AC system, which helps it run more efficiently.

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