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Spring Growth Can Cause Plumbing Problems

How Plumbing Is Affected by Your Growing Garden

A garden is often a source of pride and joy for most homeowners. Various trees, plants, flowers, and bushes give life to what could otherwise be a dull landscape. But while all this greenery can be a delight in many ways, a garden could transform into a homeowner's worst nightmare if improperly planned. 

Tree Roots Can Become Intrusive

rootsThe worst thing that could happen in a home with surrounding greenery is when the same tree and plant life that gives homeowners joy also becomes difficult. This usually happens when trees that come to life again in the spring search for nutrients deep in the soil. In the process, tree roots fan out and may invade underground plumbing.

If trees have been planted too close to the piping system without the proper barriers, tree roots may begin to encroach on a home's plumbing system, creating many problems.

How Tree Roots Get In The Way Of Underground Plumbing

rootsIt may not seem like it, but tree roots can become a nuisance, especially when they start to branch out into the area of the home where the pipes are located. When tree roots begin to invade pipes, they can cause a variety of problems such as leaks, clogs and blockages, slow draining sinks or tubs, and water pressure problems caused by reduced water flow through the pipes. These problems usually happen because tree roots invade pipes and grow into them, causing blockages that trigger other problems associated with root growth.

Solving the Problem of Unwanted Root Growth

The good news is that the problem of root growth in a home's plumbing lines can be solved handily by professional plumbers, first by addressing the problem of root growth. They do this by removing the trees that cause clogs in the pipelines and, depending on the remaining pipes' condition, either fix or replace them. Removing the tree roots in the pipes and around the area of the plumbing system and conducting appropriate leak repair on the affected pipes should do the trick. 

Suppose invasive tree growth has become a serious problem and has caused severe blockages that are not easily fixed by ordinary measures. In that case, plumbers have the option to use a method called hydrojetting. This involves blasting pipelines with high-pressure water with enough power to move even the most stubborn clogs.

When all the pipelines have been cleared and leaks finally repaired, the last thing to do would be to make sure tree roots don't grow back into the already cleared areas. This preventive measure involves installing root barriers and special membranes underground to keep tree roots from growing into spaces where they shouldn't.

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