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Indoor Temperature Comfort Is Important This Time of Year

Professional Tips for Higher Air Quality This Holiday 

Good air quality is essential, and there is no better time to pay attention to air quality than the holiday season. This time of year, families are more likely to spend time indoors, which makes them more susceptible to bacteria within the home if the air quality is poor. There are three professional tips that plumbers feel every homeowner should know when preparing a home’s air quality for the winter months ahead. These tips improve air quality and help maintain the overall condition of the HVAC system. For more information about the three professional tips, continue reading below. 

Thermostat Upgrade


Upgrading the thermostat in a home can immediately increase the air quality. It might not actively fight against contaminants in the air, but it has efficiency covered. There are four different types of thermostats on the market today, and each one works to keep homeowners efficient and comfortable, all without little to no effort on their part. 

The four thermostats include: 

  • Non-Programmable: This is the old-fashioned style thermostat. The homeowner sets the temperature, and it stays there until someone changes it again. These are nice for those that are home a lot and aren’t worried about wasting energy while away. 
  • Programmable: This thermostat can be programmed to lower or raise the temperature while the homeowner is away at work. 
  • Wi-fi Thermostat: It connects to wi-fi to bring a more convenient experience. The user can change the home’s temperature from the convenience of their smartphone. 
  • Smart Thermostat: This thermostat is similar in that it is wi-fi enabled. However, smart thermostats have software that learns the patterns of the family’s daily routine. The thermostat then adjusts the home’s temperature to be as efficient as possible. 

Change the Air Filter

Before homeowners even call a professional, they should always check the air filter. If it's clogged, it needs to be changed. Depending on how many people and pets live in the home, the air filter may need to be changed more often. 


There are, of course, a few different types of air filters on the market. However, the HEPA Air Filter is the best for the price and quality. It works to remove nearly all contaminants from the air, leaving the home fresh and clean. 

Homeowners can maximize comfort levels by changing the air filter and upgrading the thermostat at the same time. It will serve as a system refresh and increase efficiency, which means the homeowner will experience the benefits when it’s time to pay the bills. 

Have a Trusted Professional On-Hand

It is always best to have a trusted professional that homeowners can call no matter what. The holidays are an important time, and the last thing anyone wants is a problem with the HVAC system and no one to call. Professional technicians must work during the holidays. After all, more HVAC issues tend to be during this time of year because more people spend more time at home. 

Cleary Plumbing & Air Is There No Matter What

It’s crucial to take care of the home HVAC system during the holidays, and homeowners can do so with the help of Cleary Plumbing & Air. They work hard to ensure the home is efficient and that their customers are satisfied with the end result. Call now to schedule expert air quality services!