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Improve Air Quality in the Home for National Wellness Month

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important? 

Traditionally, National Wellness Month has been observed by adopting new habits like better dieting or drinking habits or trying out a new workout routine. While these goals are noble, others that can contribute far more to health with even less effort are usually neglected. 

Studies show that indoor air is far more polluted than outdoor air. With summer still raging outside, most people seek relief inside, where they are exposed to high levels of dust, mold, and pollen. 

This year for National Wellness Month, take some time to invest in health by cleaning up the air inside the home. Here is a quick guide for improving indoor air quality quickly and effectively. 

Negative Health Outcomes From Poor Indoor Air Quality 

sickIndoor air becomes so polluted because it is trapped inside. As air is recirculated through fans and other cooling equipment, it starts to harbor contaminants like cooking fumes, VOCs, pollen, and dust. At a certain point, all this becomes more than a body can handle, and negative health responses occur. Some of the problems that arise from poor indoor air quality are: 

  • Dry eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Irritated throat
  • General fatigue
  • Itchy skin
  • Worsened allergies or asthma

Taking a stand against these problems is simple, and it can drastically improve the quality of life. 

When to Replace Air Filters and Schedule AC Maintenance 

filterThe first step to improving indoor air quality is to change air filters at least every three months. Every air conditioner is equipped with an air filter that is designed to keep dust and grime from clinging to the inside of the air conditioner. As a bonus, it also pulls contaminants out of the air, improving air quality in the home. By keeping clean air filters in place, the air in the home will be cleaner, and owners may even notice cheaper cooling bills. 

The second step to cleaning up the air in the home is to schedule AC maintenance. AC maintenance is a professional service that allows experts to inspect and tune the air conditioner twice yearly. By giving professionals a chance to make the AC run better, air quality can improve while also extending the life of cooling equipment. 

Air Purifiers and Air Sanitizers for Extra Protection 

In normal circumstances, air filter replacement and AC maintenance are enough to drastically improve air quality. However, these may not be enough for those with chronic lung problems or more extensive health needs. Owners may need to turn to air purifiers and sanitizers for truly clean air. 

Air purifiers are high-tech filtration systems that pull dust from the air. They can be utilized as portable units or installed with existing HVAC equipment. UV air sanitizers are similar, but they accomplish higher air quality differently. Using powerful UV lights, UV sanitizers kill pathogens, destroy VOCs, and reduce dust. They are most often installed directly into existing systems. People in the home can enjoy truly pure air with air cleaners and UV sanitizers. 

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