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Getting the Right HVAC Service for the Holiday Season

3 Factors to Consider When Looking for a Heating and Cooling Company

Searching for a quality service company can be difficult no matter what type it is. A search on a search engine can bring up plenty of options, but many companies that show up at the top of the screen often pay to show up there. Even those who don’t pay to show up on the first page may be there because they know how to “game the system” somehow. So what are homeowners supposed to look for when searching for an HVAC company? Three main factors can sort the good ones from the bad. Read on to find out more. 

Mind the Reviewsreviews

While it may not be a great idea to pick the first company on the search page, there are some good things about searching for HVAC companies online. One of those good things is the reviews that real customers post on sites like Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, etc. As a first step in searching for a company, checking the reviews is always a good idea. 

A company with a decent number of reviews indicates that they’ve been around for a while. A good overall rating is also something to look for. However, no company is perfect. There will be some bad reviews, to be sure. But most of them should be good. Looking for words like “professional,” “prompt,” and “fair” while scanning the reviews is a good way to do it. 

Look for Licensing and Insurance Information

When the reviews of a company look good, the next thing to look for is the licensing and insurance information. Most companies put this information prominently on the home page of their website. However, if there’s no assurance that the company is licensed and insured, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have either. It may require a phone call to determine if they’re fully licensed and insured. 

These factors are about more than just protection for the homeowners. Licensing isn’t just about getting vetted by the local government. Getting an HVAC license in most places requires that the company meet some standards to ensure they know what they’re doing. In most places, technicians must also continue their education to maintain their licenses. 

maintenancLocate Maintenance Plans

The last thing homeowners should consider when looking for a quality HVAC company is whether they offer maintenance plans. A good maintenance plan says a lot about a company and its relationship with its customers. Maintenance plans are designed to ensure that a homeowner’s HVAC system gets the care it deserves throughout the year. 

Many companies would prefer that they get enough work to continue making money, so why would they want to offer a maintenance plan to prevent HVAC breakdowns? Those companies that offer quality maintenance plans at a fair price know the value of a customer-company relationship and keep their customers happy. 

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