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Flowing with Ease: the Benefits of Repiping

Three Reasons to Consider Repiping a House 

Cast iron, brass, and galvanized steel can last decades and never experience leakage. However, there comes a time when a homeowner should consider repiping certain parts of their plumbing system. This is when a plumber replaces or modifies pipes that have become weaker with time. 

But when should a homeowner consider repiping?

There’s Always a Leaking Pipe Somewhere 

A homeowner might experience a leak every once in a while. However, if there’s always a leak––whether in the same spot or everywhere––this could call for repiping. The following factors can compromise a pipe’s integrity: 

  • Rust. Some pipes are more prone to rust than others. If the rust becomes too severe, this can wear down certain pipes and make them susceptible to leaks. 
  • High water pressure. Imagine the stones at the bottom of a rushing river. They’re pretty smooth––with some almost completely worn down. Now imagine that same water intensity going through a plumbing system. Understandably, this can wear down pipes and cause leaks. 
  • Hard water. Some substances, like calcium and magnesium, can erode a pipe from the inside out. Many homeowners have water softeners––devices that strain these chemicals from the water supply to combat this issue.

The Water Pressure Is Poor or Non-Existent 

showerPoor water pressure can cause inconveniences throughout the home, from clothes that never get clean to inadequate showering experiences. Repiping could improve the home’s water pressure by remedying the following: 

  • Leaks. Water pressure relies on a steady supply of water. If there are leaks, this can compromise the water flow, lowering the pressure. Leaks can happen when two pipes meet at the joint. 
  • Partially opened valves. Valves must be open for water to flow efficiently; even having the valve “mostly” open can impede water pressure. 
  • Corrosion. Over time, rust or sediment deposits can wear away at a pipe’s interior. This could cause leads, and growths within the pipes could cause problems. 

There’s no need to suffer with poor water pressure forever. Repiping services aim to get the job done as quickly (and efficiently) as possible. 

The Water Is Discolored or Smells Weird 

sinkThe ideal glass of water is refreshing and crystal clear. It shouldn’t smell or even taste like anything. Per the American Water Works Association, a homeowner could discontinue water use and consumption if they notice: 

  • A metallic taste. If a pipe is rusting from the inside, this can cause the water to taste like iron. Over time, exposure could lead to health complications. 
  • Discoloration. If a homeowner notices brown or muddy water coming from the tap, they should assume it’s unsafe for consumption. 
  • Foul odors. Water that smells like rotten eggs could point to excessive hydrogen sulfide. On the other hand, water that tastes like a swimming pool could mean there’s too much chlorine. 

Another sign to look out for are recurring illnesses. If a household frequently complains about stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting, this could mean that the water is contaminated. 

About Cleary Plumbing & Air 

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