Slab Leak Repair in West Palm Beach

Do you notice a pool of water outside of your home? Has your water bill recently spiked? Are the floors inside your home damp? You may have a slab leak!

West Palm Beach, Fl Slab Leak Repair

When it comes to the list of potential risks all homeowners may have to deal with at some point, slab leaks are at the top in bold letters. It can be difficult determining the best course of action when the inevitable occurs, but Cleary Plumbing & Air is here to ensure you don’t have to deal with a slab leak on your own! Give us a call today and ask about our professional slab leak repair services as well as our West Palm Beach, FL home foundation leak detection service.

Our homes can’t tell time so it wouldn’t make sense to think slab leaks can only occur during traditional business hours. Fortunately, our experts are here to provide 24-hour emergency services seven days a week!

What Is a Slab Leak?

You may never even heard of slab leaks let alone considered yourself having one. Although the term may sound foreign to you, the definition of a slab leak is actually quite simple. A slab leak is a term used to explain what happens when a leak has developed in your home’s underground water lines. Above grounds, these leaks are commonly referred to as “pinhole leaks”. These leaks are usually a direct result of corroded piping materials.

Slab leaks are located below the concrete foundation of your house. They may live on the pressure or drainage side of your foundation which both warrant their own difficulties. Leaks on the drainage side are typically hidden and harder to locate. These leaks can live on for years before they show any external signs. Pressure leaks are usually spotted fairly easily. These leaks occur rapidly but can do a lot of damage to the foundation of your home.

Regardless of the initial point of the leak, slab leaks can completely destroy the foundation of your home so it’s important to have them professionally treated as soon as possible.

Signs You Have One

When you have a slab leak, the best thing you can do is spot it early. Although these leaks can only be treated by a professional, anyone can take heed to the early signs of these destructive occurrences. Some of the most common signs of a slab leak include:

  • Increased Water Bill: No one likes receiving a water bill only to be told their water consumption has doubled or tripled without any real changes being made to their daily routine. An “unexplainable” spike in water bill rarely ever lacks a culprit so it’s important to rule out a slab leak as the cause.
  • Damp Floors: One telltale sign that you have leaking occurring underneath your home is if the water has infiltrated through your flooring. The onset of mold and mildew underneath your carpeting is a good indicator that your home has a slab leak.
  • Fluctuating Water Meter: Another good way to tell if you have a slab leak is to pay attention to your home’s water meter. If you notice the dial is fluctuation when you’re not even using your water, there may be a hidden leak causing this to occur.
  • Decreased Water Pressure: It’s nearly impossible to enjoy a good shower or to effectively wash dishes with low water pressure. If you notice your water pressure has taken a turn for the worse, a slab leak may be to blame.

Common Culprits of Slab Leaks

After it’s been determined that you are, in fact, dealing with a slab leak, you may be asking yourself one question: How did this happen? While the answer varies, there are a number of culprits that could all contribute to an underground leak. Some of these culprits include:

  • Faulty Installation: When it comes to a home, nothing is more important than its foundation. So during construction, if materials were damaged or improperly installed, you can expect to experience some issues sooner or later. When it comes to piping, you should always have a certified contractor install your home’s pipes to prevent careless mistakes from occurring that could cost you thousands in the end.
  • Shifts in Foundation: There are a few factors that are unfortunately out of your control when it comes to your home’s foundation: time and nature. As the years go on, the ground below our homes naturally experience shifts and if your foundation isn’t strong enough to handle theses changes, the results can be dire.
  • Corroded Pipes: As stated above, nature has a way of doing its own thing with zero regards for where we want to build our homes. There are many different elements and materials located within the soil our homes are built on and different minerals may have unwarranted effects when they come in contact with our pipes.
  • Abrasion: As water flows through our pipes, it’s not abnormal for them to expand and contract. However, certain materials such as concrete and gravel could begin to rub against our pipes and cause them to wear down over time if they don’t have the proper room to expand.

If your pipes are deteriorating and need replacing, call us today and find out how our repiping services may be beneficial to you!

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