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West Palm Beach, Fl Kitchen Plumbing

It’s no secret that the kitchen is the heart of the home. The room where families gather to create, communicate, and spend quality time makes it arguably the single most communal place in the entire home. This level of significance is the reason why kitchen plumbing issues can’t be ignored. From a clogged sink drain to gurgling garbage disposal, Cleary Plumbing & Air is here to provide long-lasting solutions to all of your West Palm Beach, FL kitchen plumbing worries.

Old pipes could be the main reason for your kitchen plumbing issues. Be sure to ask how our whole-home repiping service can get your system back in top working order.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues & What They Mean

When you think of kitchens, you probably think of countertops and cabinets, stoves and ovens, refrigerators, and microwaves, and the list goes on. However, at the forefront of all of our in-kitchen duties, such as washing and rinsing, is the kitchen sink. Many people use their sinks for washing dishes and disposing of food scraps. Unfortunately, our kitchen drains and garbage disposals are often abused and misused; the result can be clogged drains that won’t dissipate.

Cleary Plumbing & Air is here to provide homeowners with useful knowledge about everything they’re doing wrong when it comes to using the garbage disposal. Some of the most common issues we see and treat include:

  • Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On: Perhaps the most common indicator that something is wrong with your garbage disposal is its inability to, well, dispose. If you’re trying to activate your garbage disposal to no avail, you’re most likely dealing with a failed motor. However, serious jams and blockages can also lead to inoperative disposal so it’s important to call a professional when this occurs.
  • Strange Sounds: If you go to switch on your disposal and it begins to generate strange noises such as humming or gurgling, you probably have something jamming your disposal. This could be anything from food particles {fruit pits, eggshells, bones) to non-food items (utensils, sponges, rags) to oil and grease. The best way to prevent this from occurring is by never pouring grease of any kind down the drain and throwing away food scraps in the garbage instead of the sink.
  • Slow Draining: Another common sign that your garbage disposal is jammed is if your drains are slow to dissolve. In a perfectly unclogged drain, running water from your faucet will simply go straight out of the drain but if you notice a small pool forming in your sink, there’s most likely a blockage present.
  • Foul Smells: When scraps of food are stuck in your drain, over time, these particles will begin to break down and decay. The result can be an unpleasant odor of mold or mildew beginning to spread in your home. One way to prevent this smell from occurring is by placing lemon wedges and ice down your drain and always running water after usage. However, if you’ve tried different methods and still can’t get rid of the smell, you may need a professional to disassemble and clean your entire disposal.
  • Leaks: In some cases, garbage disposals can even begin to leak due to loose components such as seals or the O-ring. However, some leaks can indicate a bigger problem such as a damaged flange in which case, you may need an entire new garbage disposal unit.

Common Culprits of Leaky Faucets

Aside from issues with your garbage disposal, kitchens are also a place of leaking faucets. Faucets can leak due to an array of different issues but they can be extremely costly if not treated in a timely manner. If you’ve noticed a spike in your home’s water consumption with actually using more water, a leaky faucet may be your culprit.

Some of the most common causes of leaking faucets include:

  • The valve seat is worn out/damaged: The sink’s valve seat is the piece that connects your faucet to the pipe where it gets its water. These pieces can begin to corrode over time due to poor water quality or hard water that contains sediment. As the sediment begins to accrue, the valve seat will begin to wear out, causing leaks.
  • Your washers are worn out: Your sink’s washers are the small rubber or metal pieces whose primary job is to seal gaps and stop leaks from occurring. These components can begin to deteriorate as they rub against other parts in your sink. In most cases, your washers can simply be replaced by a professional plumber.
  • Your O-ring is broken: Your sink’s O-rings are the small rubber pieces that are located around your pipe to seal gaps that water may leak through. If this piece is worn out or damaged, the result will be a leaky faucet.
  • You have loose components: Since the sink and faucet are made up of various small components that all have an essential role, havoc can occur when these components become loose or damaged. If your faucets are leaking without any obvious culprit, you may be dealing with loose internal components.

If you’re experiencing slow drains in your kitchen sink, you may be in need of professional drain cleaning services. Call us today to find out how our services can benefit you!

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