Water Main & Burst Pipe Repair in West Palm Beach

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When it comes to providing our homes with access to water, we have to give special thanks to our pipes. Tasked with transporting water throughout our homes via fixtures and faucets, our properly functioning pipes are often the unsung heroes of plumbing systems. Most people don’t think twice about their water’s pipes until the day comes when they experience a burst or frozen pipe. If you are dealing with a damaged pipe or water line in your West Palm Beach, FL home, give Cleary Plumbing & Air a call today and let us help!

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How Do Burst Pipes Occur?

A burst pipe can be the beginning of a costly load of damage, as they can easily lea into leaks and floods within your home. This will not only increase your water bill but also add additional costs as you fix all the damage that the water has caused.

The best way to prevent a pipe from bursting is to know what causes these instances to happen in the first place. Some of the most common reasons burst pipes occur include:

  • Frozen Pipes: While our weather here in West Palm Beach tends to be pretty warm throughout the year, longtime Florida residents know that we do occasionally have our cold spells. When temperatures dip below freezing, it’s not uncommon for the water in our pipes to freeze. This increases the amount of pressure and expansion are pipes can handle and can lead to them exploding.
  • Old Pipes: As our pipes increase in age, our pipes are prone to decaying and rupturing. Rust and corrosion are also common occurrences that happen as our pipes get older. The problem with this is, our water supply can become contaminated with metal and other unwanted substances infiltrating our water. If your pipes are older than 50 years old, it may be time for repiping services.
  • Clogged Pipes: Over time, our pipes can become clogged with tree roots, mineral deposits, and other obstructions. This increased pressure can cause ruptures which can easily lead to leaks and flooding.
  • Natural Disasters: With our fast-changing climate, weather conditions are becoming increasingly unpredictable. Increased moisture from hurricanes can negatively impact our home’s piping and lead to serious structural damage.

Causes of Main Water Line Damage

When it comes to our homes’ access to clean water, the entire process is dependent upon a properly functioning main water line. As homeowners, it’s important to understand the value of our plumbing systems and make sure all components are in great shape. There are various factors that can negatively impact your home’s water line. These factors include:

  • Faulty Installation: Just like with anything installed in your home, it’s of the utmost importance that your home’s main water line was installed correctly. Many things can wrong during the installation process if not careful, especially if the contractors are incompetent or careless. Installation can also be negatively affected if the supplies used aren’t up to professional standards.
  • Freezing and Thawing: As we stated above, freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on our water systems. If you notice that your main water line is frozen over, give us a call as it needs professional attention right away in order to prevent disrupted access to water in your home.
  • Moving Soil: Another common issue with homes’ main water line is the moving of soil underneath the pipes. There are many factors that can affect the livelihood of our underground piping and shifting tectonic plates is one of those factors.
  • Old Age: Whether you have PVC, CPVC, or copper piping, all of these materials will need to be replaced at some point.

Main water line damage can be a headache, so can sewer line damage. If you are experiencing issues with your sewer line, call Clearly Plumbing & Air and ask about our sewer line repair services.

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