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Duct Cleaning 101

Duct Cleaning Can Be a Great Way to Ensure The Air You Breath in Your Home is Clean and Safe. There Are Several Things to Consider When Deciding If Duct Cleaning is Right For You. Below We List the Things We Like to Educate Every Customer On Before Deciding if Duct Cleaning is an Option For Their Home. Being Familiar On These Key Factors Will Allow You to Pick The Best Cleaning Options and The Right Company to Meet Your Indoor Air Quality Needs.

Before We Get Into The Essentials of Duct Cleaning We Want to First Talk About the Importance of Maintaining Your AC Unit. Keeping Up With a Consistent Maintenance Program Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Homes AC Unit. Simply Changing The Filters Every Month and Doing At least 2 Tune-Ups A Year Will Do Wonders For Your Indoor Air Quality As Well The Efficiency/ Condition of Your AC Unit. With Proper Maintenance, Future Duct Cleaning Work After The Initial Cleaning, Will Be Necessary.

Do I Need My Duct System Cleaned?
The Most Common Reasons Customers Decide to Clean Their Duct System Are:

  • Age of The System
  • Debris or Dust Visibly Coming Through Vents
  • House Sitting For a While
  • Done at Time of New AC Installation
  • House Full of Pets
  • Allergies
  • Dirty AC Unit Never Maintained
  • Anyone With Health Concerns
  • Rodent Infestation

Things to Consider Before Getting Your Ducts Cleaned

Can My Ducts Be Cleaned?

The Age of Your Duct System is an Important Factor. If The Duct System is Considerably Old Then Duct Cleaning Can Potentially Cause Damage. Because of the Age, The Duct Material is Fragile and Can Easily Be Damaged No Matter What Method of Cleaning is Used. Tears and Rips in The Duct Are Common Results of Cleaning Duct Material That is too Old. Most of the Time The Best Course of Action is to Replace the Duct System.

The Material Type of The Duct System is Also Important. The Most Common Material in Florida is Duct Board, Flex , and Metal. Depending On the Type You Have in Your Home Will Determine What Type of Cleaning Method is Required to Thoroughly Clean Your Homes Duct Work. So Always Make Sure The Company You Choose Has The RIGHT Equipment!

The Duct System Layout is Something to Consider. Depending On the Type of Home (Condo, Apartment, Single Family Home Ect The Access to The Duct Work Can Be an Issue. For You to Thoroughly Clean The Entire Duct System You Need to Be Able to Get Through All of The Duct System. An Apartment for Example Usually Has No Attic. If You Can Not Get Through Each Vent Then You Are Only Partially Cleaning The System. You Want to Be Aware and Have The Right Expectations If The Entire System Can Be Cleaned or Not.

What Type of Equipment is Being Used?

Having The Right Equipment Cleaning Your Duct System is So Important. Duct Cleaning Involves Stirring Up Debris That is Stuck to the Inside of Your Duct. That Debris Needs to Be Sucked Out Or It Will Stick Right Back to The Duct Work. After Extensive Research We Believe the Best Way to Ensure You Are Getting All That Debris Out of Your System is to Create a Sealed System Under Negative Pressure. The Best Way to Achieve This is to Hook Up a Powerful Vacuum to The Duct System That Will Be Constantly Sucking. 1500 CFM of Better Is Ideal. You Then Want to Tape Up The Vents to Create a Closed System. This Allows The Vacuum to Really Get Everything. You Then Proceed to Agitate the Debris With Compressed Air Both Reverse& Forward Acting, Brushes, and Rods. A Combination of Different Techniques is Usually Required. Any Other Techniques or Equipment That Does Not Use These Methods Is Not Cleaning The Duct Work Thoroughly in Our Opinion.

What Else Should Be Included or Done During a Duct Cleaning?

Tune Up With AC Internal Cleaning
The Main Reason Duct Work Gets Dirty is Due To An Unmaintained System. Performing a Tune Up Along With a Cleaning of The (Blower, Coils, Pan, Drain Line Ect.) Allows You to Start Fresh Once the Duct Cleaning Has Been Performed. The On Going Maintenance After The Cleaning Makes Future Cleanings Less Frequent and Necessary

Camera Work:
You Should Always Get Peace of Mind When A Service is Performed. Using a Camera Both Before and After a Cleaning Will Give You Just That. Seeing Before and After Really Confirms The Level Of Effectiveness of the Cleaning.

Fogging With Antimicrobial and (or ) Deodorizing:
This Antimicrobial Fogging is a Great Way to Prevent Any Future Growth. The Deodorizing Fogging Allows You to Freshen Up The Duct Work and Leave Your Home Smelling Amazing

Cleaning All The Registers/ Vents
This Should Be Done On Every Duct Cleaning. A Simple Hand Wash With Some Sanitizer Solution Will Do The Trick

Full Inspection of Entire Duct System (If Accessible)
This is Important Because This is The Time to Make Sure Everything is Installed Properly, Sealed, Hung Properly So That Once Cleaned The AC Unit Will Work Efficiently With Out Any Other Issues Non Cleaning Related

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality ) Information:

People Are Becoming Increasingly Informed On Indoor Air Quality and The Different Options They Have to Protect Their Home Air Quality. Every Customers Needs Are Different So Indoor Air Quality Must Be Geared Towards Those Specific Needs or Concerns. Paring The Right IAQ Product With The Customers Needs Will Do Wonders For Their Home and Ultimately Their Peace Of Mind.

Types of IAQ Products:

  • Air Cleaners
  • UV Lights
  • Ventilators
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers