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Common Causes of These 5 Pipe Noises

It's Not a Ghost–It's Your Plumbing Although it is currently spooky season, the sounds you're hearing coming from your pipes are more likely due to a plumbing malfunction than to supernatural causes. These unexpected plumbing noises can be annoying and even startling. In some cases, these sounds may also indicate serious plumbing issues that you'll


Buying a Home? Look for Signs of Bad Plumbing

House shopping is a time-consuming experience. If you've finally found your dream home and feel ready to make an offer, wait — you might have faulty plumbing in the residence that can be costly to repair. Use this guide to identify signs of bad plumbing in any home you want to buy.

Add Home Value With Master Bath Upgrades

Can plumbing help to sell your house? While the number of bedrooms and the size of the yard can attract buyers to your home, the bathrooms can hook them. If you're considering a value-increasing home remodel, take a look at these master bathroom projects to consider.

3 Common Reasons for Clogs in Your Kitchen Sink

A clogged kitchen sink is stressful but can also be dangerous. Food and other debris clogging your pipes place unnecessary stress and pressure on your plumbing, increasing the risk of damage and water leaks. In addition, food, bacteria, and cleaning chemicals inside the drains can lead to unappealing and toxic odors inside your home. Understanding