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Add Home Value With Master Bath Upgrades

Can plumbing help to sell your house? While the number of bedrooms and the size of the yard can attract buyers to your home, the bathrooms can hook them. If you're considering a value-increasing home remodel, take a look at these master bathroom projects to consider.

Double Sinks

Double sinks are an amenity many home buyers look for. Future homeowners who need more space in the master bath will enjoy the expanse of the counter top. They'll also appreciate the convenience of having two sinks — one for each person to use at the same time.

If you don't have the space to add one double unit (including a continuous countertop), consider adding two separate sinks. Two sinks, each with its own vanity, can save space, provide more flexibility in the bathroom's design, and create individualized areas.

Rain Shower Heads

Are you looking for a way to transform your master bath without a total redo? A showerhead update is an easy and comparatively inexpensive fix. Turn a so-so bathroom into a luxurious spa-like space with a rain shower head.

As the name implies, this type of shower head imitates a soothing rainfall. The larger-sized square head has a flat surface, providing plenty of space for water to gently rain down on the person using it. If you're looking for a higher-quality upgrade, a plumbing professional can install this head in the shower's ceiling.

Add an extra option to entice homebuyers with a water-saving model. This is an ideal alternative for the eco-conscious shopper who is looking for a home that can help the planet and their wallet.

Whirlpool Bathtub

Your old tub isn't attracting potential buyers. Whether the tub looks dated, is in need of repair, or is just too plain in comparison to the rest of your master bath, adding a whirlpool element can make it stand out.

Why should you consider this major bathroom upgrade? The top benefits of a whirlpool bathtub include:

  • Luxury. Adding a new tub to a master bath is a practical renovation. But adding a whirlpool tub creates a sense of luxury — turning the room into a space that rivals a spa or hotel.
  • Comfort. The gentle massage of a whirlpool tub is a relaxation feature potential buyers will appreciate.
  • Size. While there are a variety of tub sizes, a whirlpool version is often larger than a standard model. This is ideal for the home buyer who is tall or simply wants to stretch out and relax.
  • Privacy. Some adults don't feel comfortable soaking in a shared hot tub at a gym or pool. An at-home whirlpool provides a private way to reap the benefits of a spa, without having to share the area with the public.

Even though the words "whirlpool tub" may grab the attention of the potential buyer, the tub itself may not seem much different from the standard version when it's not on. Instead of leaving the tub filled and on during every showing or open house, add plenty of spa-like elements to the area to stage a relaxing atmosphere.

Toilet Camouflage

While a spa tub can easily take center stage, the toilet isn't the stand-out feature of your master bath. Creating a discreet, private area for this plumbing fixture is an easy way to add to the value of the space.

Camouflage the toilet by hiding it behind a half or a whole wall, separating it from the sink and bathing areas. This type of renovation may require multiple contractors, depending on the original design of the room. If the remodel requires you to move the toilet's plumbing, you'll need a professional to make the changes.

Do you need a professional plumber's help for your pre-move master bath upgrade? Contact Cleary Plumbing & Air for more information.